Things to consider before signing into substance abuse rehab program

It all starts with being cruelly honest with yourself. Not a single molecule of denial or excuses and self-justifying should be taken into a rehab process. Use your ratio and generate the inner strength for self-critic. Take a good and realistic look at yourself, your current and previous life, lives of the people you’ve influenced and avoid lying to yourself. Know your enemy precisely if you’re aiming to fight it. Make an honest list of all the consequences and all the damage your addiction has caused to you and your friends and at the same time, think of all your wasted potentials and talents.

post2aVote for the second one. Do all the mental maneuvering it takes for you to admit the problem, acknowledge the true scope of it and allow yourself to be helped by professionals. Leave bad attitudes and resist the need to resist rehab. Make a list of all the good things in your life and all the positive aspect of your personality and stick to them while passing through the tough times.

Fight the fear of counseling and therapy

Let’s face it: rehab is tough, with many ups and downs and it requires deep and fundamental changes within you. The mere phase of detox might cause some health issues, breaking the bad habit might give you the feeling of the endless spare time and finally, facing the individual or group therapy and coming open in front of other people might seem terrifying and humiliating. post2bDon’t let these feelings prevent you from completing the rehab in the right manner. Keep in mind that people surrounding you in a rehab center are not judging you, other patients will probably fully understand your experiences and finally – the mere fact that you’ve decided to end the addiction deserves praising.

Careful when choosing rehab center and program

This procedure should change your life fundamentally, and the experts involved with your rehab process will mess with your body and mind, so you should choose the rehab program that truly suits you. Consider various offered conditions and terms that a given center provides and compare them to the term you are capable of fulfilling. Compare pros and cons of both inpatient and outpatient programs, the types of activities and procedures a certain rehab program includes, the quality of the hired experts and finally the price of it all.

post2cGather strong network of support

Keep in mind that once you’ve done with the mere rehab program, your rehab process is not over. There will always, or at least for quite some time, the risk of the relapse lingers around you. There will be more tough moments with challenges and temptations and self-doubting when the best cure is to surround yourself with loving and supporting people that will be your strength in those moments.