Warning signs suggesting you should go to rehab

One of the most typical treats of all addicts is a talent for denial and strong conviction they got it all under control, including the power over the substance to quit anytime they decide to. The addicts themselves are usually the last to realize and admit it’s time to get help. Also, too many addicts spend too much time trying “do it yourself” getting clean. At the same time, most rehab centers and programs are not mandatory, thus require willing participation of the patient and full dedication. To get better chances of truly recovering and breaking free out of the fatal circle of substance abuse, all addicts should check in the structured and professionally organized rehab programs as early as possible. Here’s a list of some common warning signs you should take seriously and call for help if struggling with abuse of any substance, alcohol, included.

Your life is centered around substance abuse

post3aOne of the surest signs you got way too deep into the consumption of a certain vice is the phase when your main focus of everyday attention becomes the ritual of substance intake. You organize your duties around it, adjust your finances according to it, start avoiding a social life that doesn’t involve the process of getting ‘’fixed’’ and finally, you start to do plenty lame, humiliating or even illegal deeds to get your daily dose.

post3bEmerging of physical and mental issues

Whether you’re taking dope, pills or alcohol or any other risky substance, your health will start to suffer at some point. Sometimes it’s physical, sometimes the emotional fluctuations and mental issues come out first, but in any case, damaged health should be highly alarming sign to go looking for help.

Constant increasing of the daily dose you need

post3cTrue addiction creates tolerance and changes the doses of the substance body requires achieving the same effect. Getting used to large doses is not the sign of you getting successful in controlling the effects, but the sign that your body has adjusted its metabolism to the current dose and required higher ones. Once you reach the dangerous limits, your health will be seriously damaged. Thus, the mere sign of the constant increasing the daily dose should direct you into some professional rehab center.